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marabloom is a boutique design studio creating adaptable, artistic brands with the effortless allure needed to kindle lasting impressions. we are dedicated to helping you discover what sets you apart.

Holly Baird, The Owner of Mara Bloom Marketing

meet the owner of marabloom

I’ve had an appreciation for design and its ability to speak to consumers for as long as I can remember. In 2020, I found myself seeking a new, creative challenge and a change of pace. Enter: Mara Bloom Marketing. I dove in head first to serve creative business owners with artistically-inclined, strategy-backed designs, and I’ve never looked back. Combining my marketing-driven background with my love for all things visual, I’ve found my signature sweet spot: Creating brands that bloom!


I’m often influenced and inspired by travel and textiles - the nostalgic feeling of mixing old with new, the intoxicating smell of fresh flowers, the imperfect ridges of a cobblestone street. It’s these everyday details that form an experience - which is exactly what Mara Bloom delivers.

xo, Holly Baird

just like you, we’re original.
and we have three pillars in this business:

We never sacrifice one for another so you’ll get all three, all the time. We will come on board as the missing piece of your team, connecting the dots between the work you do so well and the audience you want to engage. We’ll listen to what you want, and give you what you need. Mara Bloom puts the wind in the sails of your good ideas and breathes energy into designing you a brand that works. Let us be the creative team you need.

Excellence. Expertise. Execution.

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