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Cheers! Welcome to Mara Bloom Marketing Services.

We look forward to getting to know you + your business!


TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE. Cue the team behind Mara Bloom Marketing Services.


THE WHO: Cousins by family, friends by nature, both Elizabeth and Holly are dog moms, social media experts, and creatives by spirit. Both hold degrees in either Journalism or Marketing and after having their own professional marketing successes, the two joined forces in 2020. Between the two, they have experiences in a variety of industries such as real estate, hospitality, retail, and interior design.


THE BACKGROUND: Mara Bloom is a brand derived from a play on words - “targeted growth”. The Maasai Mara in Kenya got its name from the local people who called the land “Mara”  which in the Maa language means “spotted” for all the trees that spot the plains of Africa. Each tree unique, but together creates spectacular scenery. Each spring we watch as plants grow and eventually bloom into yet another one of nature's beauties. So by combining two beautiful words - “spotted blooms” - we branded ourselves as a team that can provide your small business with “targeted growth”.


Elizabeth Anderson

Holly Baird



I am a marketing sales expert, photography extraordinaire, wife, and adventurer. I have a huge heart for all things small business; whether it’s helping them find their voice on social media, or creating meaningful, relationship-building content. My background in journalism + sales from The University of Oklahoma (boomer!) has given me a unique approach to small business marketing.


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I am a graphic designer, branding expert, artist, and am constantly seeking creative challenges. With several years of digital marketing experience in the hospitality industry, I fully understand and believe that social media + beautiful branding drive sales. Holding a Marketing degree from Ole Miss (hotty toddy!) with emphasis' in graphic design and magazine design, I have gained a creative upper hand in digital marketing strategies.


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I am a brand advocate and a customer service-driven leader, specializing in 8+ years in account management. I’ve worked with clients of all sizes helping grow their digital footprint and improve their overall consumer experience. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Public Relations (Let’s GO OU!). I’m an active mom and proud wife, with a passion for building meaningful relationships.

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