social media

We get it, managing a business while trying to maintain a prevalent social media presence is challenging. That's where we come in! 


We offer full-service management on a handful of social media platforms. Not sure which platforms work best for your business? No worries, we will tailor a proposal of services that meet your specific business needs. 


Services- Account Posting & Moderation | Content Creation | Content Calendars |  Photography | Instagram & Facebook Ad Campaigns.


website design

Often times, the first place a customer will seek information about your brand is your website. First and foremost, your website should be curated stylistically to match your brand across all digital platforms. 


We can assist in creating a uniquely branded, user-friendly, and visually attractive website, that offers a high level of customer satisfaction and retention in order to best suit your small business.  


digital design

Through the process of creating a brand mood board, our team will be able to create digital graphics that directly reflect your brand. Whether we are starting from scratch or revamping your existing brand, we take into consideration details such as colors, aesthetics, imagery, and fonts to best create custom graphics built to last. 

Copy of Website Images.png

logo design

A company’s logo is more than just a name. Your logo reflects your business' personality and brand story.  Logo design is an essential element in cultivating a completed digital footprint. Leave it to Mara Bloom to find and perfect your color pallet, brand voice, and logo design.