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step by step


1. mood board

A mood board is a succinct collection of visual assets that represents a brand’s visual identity. It can contain inspirational examples of photos, colors, typography, quotes, patterns, shapes and more that make up a cohesive direction for a brand that can be displayed and understood on one page.

2. logo design

Next, Mara Bloom will create your custom logo based off of your unique desired mood board. Bold and loud? Soft and romantic? The choice is yours. Your overall brand "look" will not be complete until it is exactly what you had envisioned!

3. social feeds

Depending on your selections, Mara Bloom will plan your social media posts to match your brand style. By featuring custom and curated photos of your business and product, we promise to make your feed eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. Let's turn your next new viewer into a customer!

4. graphics + ads

Running a sale? Moving locations? Have an announcement to make?

Mara Bloom has you covered. Watch your branded graphics and ads come to life with our 100% custom graphics created specifically with your brand in mind.